Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Here was my "office" while drawing aboard the ship last month. The right hand side was my "afternoon shift" and the left side was my "evening shift". The evening had some great duets playing to listen to while drawing caricatures of the ship guests.

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Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

 This caricature has been hanging on my wall, framed for about 4 years now.... I quickly drew a cartoon, caricature of Ringo Starr's manager, David Fishof...... VERY cool guy! Friend to the biggest rock stars on the planet, and manager to some of the largest sports stars as well, among many other business interests,

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Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

 Just a few more samples of some of the guests I caricatured recently while working on a cruise ship in Central America. Because they were guests I didn't want to take their actual photograph for comparison.... nowadays it's harder to get the photograph.

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Kelly Gannon Party Caricatures

 Here's a couple more event caricatures I drew aboard a cruise ship in Central America about a month ago. It was a fun 27 gigs in a row! Great way to sharpen your caricature skills after a two year covid lockdown... :)

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Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

 I returned from drawing caricatures aboard a cruise ship.... some of the countries I seen were Columbia, Jamaica, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica.... I'll be posting some of my work this week.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

 A fun Calgary caricature for sure! A corporate event held at a golf course that enjoyed the party caricature style and a fun event with great guests to draw.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Calgary Sketch Artist

Cruise ship caricatures, Kelly Gannon

I just returned from a lengthy caricature gig down in Central America aboard a cruise ship. I think these were in around Columbia. Man... was it hot!!! The passengers were fantastic when getting their caricatures drawn aboard the ship.... I did on average two gigs a day for them.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Calgary Sketch Artist

Calgary Caricatures Kelly Gannon

Just to let anyone wanting to hire me for an event, I'll be leaving on April 17th to draw caricatures aboard a cruise ship for 3 weeks. I'll be touring Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Jamaica among others. Hope to talk soon about bookings!

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Sketch Artist, Caricatures in Calgary.

Calgary Party Caricatures Kelly Gannon

Just a small sample of Calgary Party Caricatures by Kelly Gannon. Always on the fun side with a "cartoony" feel rather than a full blown exaggeration, not meant to offend but rather have fun.... maybe a little bit at your expense...  :) Cartoon caricatures are drawn at about 4 1/2 minutes per head... for bodies, a few minutes longer. Wonderful for corporate events, kid's parties and everything in between!

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Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist, Calgary Sketch Artist 


Calgary Caricature Artist Kelly Gannon

 A couple more quick studio "head and shoulder" cartoon caricatures done for Kids Up Front. Oh how I wish studio caricatures were this simple to do... just head and shoulders... black and white with grey tones and most important....they supply a fantastic photo to work from... :)

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Calgary Cartoonist, Calgary Sketch Artist

Calgary Cartoonist Kelly Gannon

 Just a few cartoons I did for a youtube video.... always fun replicating a retro style cartoon. Cartoos are a great side track from my usual caricature work I do. I absolutely love drawing these style of cartoons.

I found a 50's palette to do the colors in and had to study so many 50/60's style cartoons to get the feel of it.... and I think it worked! ... :)

Kelly Gannon cartoonist, Cartoonist in Calgary

Tee Shirt Design

 I was asked by Karl Green, bassist for the British Invasion group "Herman's Hermits" to do a tee shirt design for him.

The caricature/cartoon would be Karl from the sixties image, then to his current image. Karl also asked that the background flag start with the British flag, then morph into the American flag.

I've drawn cartoon caricatures for many iconic sixties bands and would put Karl at the top as a musician that showed his appreciation for my work..... thanks Karl! It was my pleasure!

Kelly Gannon Caricatures, Calgary Caricatures, Karl Green... Herman's Hermits

Calgary Caricature

Calgary Caricature..... a very simple black and white cartoon/caricature of a lady that likes flowers. I wish all studio caricatures were this simple... :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures


Calgary Wedding Caricatures

Just a couple samples from a recent wedding I drew caricatures at. Though the heading says " Calgary Wedding Caricatures"... this wedding actually took place in Canmore, AB.

Each "head" takes approx. 4 1/2 minutes to draw. Because of large amounts of guests, I only draw "head and shoulders" rather than full body...gags.

 Congratulations to the lovely coupe... all the best!!

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Wedding Caricatures, Canmore Wedding Caricatures


Do Your Happy Dance

Do your happy dance... hopefully. Here's hoping the Canadian society opens up with dropping restrictions and we can get back to social events again in the near future.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist, Calgary cartoonist

Caricatures at a Birthday Party

 Caricatures are a actually a great way to have your guests entertained at a birthday party. I drew caricatures at this one recently and had a chance to draw all the guests there. Happy Birthday Pat!

Calgary Caricatures, Kelly Gannon, Airdrie Caricatures Kelly Gannon

Calgary Caricaturist, Kelly Gannon

 Some caricature drawings in Calgary for the great people at "Kids Up Front".... a fantastic organization that raises money for kids. Thanks to all of your staff!
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist. Calgary Cartoonist

Calgary Cartoons

I finished some of the cartoons for a video, there are about 10 more cartoons, obviously the video has Spanish overtones to it.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist Kelly Gannon

Gregg Potter Tee Shirt Design

I finished the tee shirt design for super drummer, Gregg Potter. Gregg chose a black background for the design which I really liked. Gregg holds down the esteemed position of drummer for The Buddy Rich Big Band.... and he's the perfect drummer for this position! AND..... Gregg is a heck of a nice person!

Kelly Gannon, Gregg Potter, Drummer Cartoon, Calgary Caricatures

Cartoon Banner, Tee Shirt Design

A tee shirt, banner design I did for a bully breed dog walk in The States. Fun project for sure! The pit bull I had to cartoon is a sweet dog from what I'm told and having her personality come through in the cartoon wasn't a stretch at all. The cartoon/logo is now used as the official image when the walk takes place accross The States each year to bring awareness to the bully breeds. Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Anthropomorphism Kelly Gannon Book Cartoons

My very first book job of cartoon illustrations, better known as anthropomorphism.... meaning, taking an inanimate object and giving them a human personality. I have to say, these cartoon assignments like this are my all time favorites! When given the inanimate object, I love the task of trying to make them human...with a cartoon touch of course! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Kelly Gannon, Book Design

I designed a book for a client last year that is now out on ebook, I'll find out more details later where it can be purchased. It was a fun assignment for me....obviously by the looks of the cover, it's about a pastime some people cherish....drinking. I was asked just to create the drawing and a graphic artist was to do the rest, but I just played around with a quick design in the background to get the colors right and when it was brought to the designer, she said just leave it as is..... you have to like that! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist, Calgary Cartoonist.

Peter Noone, Herman's Hermits

I was rearranging my studio on the weekend and found this tee shirt I had designed for Peter Noone for his anual concert event "Noonefest", lead singer for The British Invasion band, Herman's Hermits. I always liked their music and had a chance to see them live a couple times and their show is still a good one! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Herman's Hermits

Frank Sinatra

\ My cartoon/caricature of Frank Sinatra, or "Old Blue Eyes." Frank was definitely one of the great legends of vocalists. ( and a snappy dresser!! :) When today's artists state their album sales, Frank can boast well over 150 million albums sold. I also thought Mr. Sinatra was a great actor as well, so fortunate to have 2 talents like that!! But I have to admit, myself, I preferred his buddy....Dean Martin..... :) Kelly Gannon, Frank Sinatra

Sir William Stephenson

I'll post this a couple days after Remembrance Day. Sir William Stephenson is in my opinion THE most famous unknown Canadian there ever was. Shame on our inept school system for not teaching anything about this great Canadian ( instead they bore the daylights out of students on other areas ). I have caricatured "history" teachers at various events and they had no clue who he was.... shameful! William Stephenson moved to Britain and became friends with Sir Winston Churchill. When William Stephenson did business in Germany, he was the one who warned Churchill that something was going on. Out of his own money, Sir William Stephenson help start the spy agencies that helped the war.....there is far too much to get into here on a caricature blog, but Google what he did. ( then you'll ask yourself why the school system has been sleeping). On a lst note.... a spy that worked below Mr. Stephenson became a famous writer after the war. This man created a world known character modelled after Mr. Stephenson. His name was Ian Flemming...his character is James Bond...... Kelly Gannon, Sir William Stephenson, Ian Flemming, James Bond