Cartoon Banner, Tee Shirt Design

A tee shirt, banner design I did for a bully breed dog walk in The States. Fun project for sure! The pit bull I had to cartoon is a sweet dog from what I'm told and having her personality come through in the cartoon wasn't a stretch at all. The cartoon/logo is now used as the official image when the walk takes place accross The States each year to bring awareness to the bully breeds. Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Anthropomorphism Kelly Gannon Book Cartoons

My very first book job of cartoon illustrations, better known as anthropomorphism.... meaning, taking an inanimate object and giving them a human personality. I have to say, these cartoon assignments like this are my all time favorites! When given the inanimate object, I love the task of trying to make them human...with a cartoon touch of course! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Kelly Gannon, Book Design

I designed a book for a client last year that is now out on ebook, I'll find out more details later where it can be purchased. It was a fun assignment for me....obviously by the looks of the cover, it's about a pastime some people cherish....drinking. I was asked just to create the drawing and a graphic artist was to do the rest, but I just played around with a quick design in the background to get the colors right and when it was brought to the designer, she said just leave it as is..... you have to like that! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist, Calgary Cartoonist.

Peter Noone, Herman's Hermits

I was rearranging my studio on the weekend and found this tee shirt I had designed for Peter Noone for his anual concert event "Noonefest", lead singer for The British Invasion band, Herman's Hermits. I always liked their music and had a chance to see them live a couple times and their show is still a good one! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Herman's Hermits

Frank Sinatra

\ My cartoon/caricature of Frank Sinatra, or "Old Blue Eyes." Frank was definitely one of the great legends of vocalists. ( and a snappy dresser!! :) When today's artists state their album sales, Frank can boast well over 150 million albums sold. I also thought Mr. Sinatra was a great actor as well, so fortunate to have 2 talents like that!! But I have to admit, myself, I preferred his buddy....Dean Martin..... :) Kelly Gannon, Frank Sinatra

Sir William Stephenson

I'll post this a couple days after Remembrance Day. Sir William Stephenson is in my opinion THE most famous unknown Canadian there ever was. Shame on our inept school system for not teaching anything about this great Canadian ( instead they bore the daylights out of students on other areas ). I have caricatured "history" teachers at various events and they had no clue who he was.... shameful! William Stephenson moved to Britain and became friends with Sir Winston Churchill. When William Stephenson did business in Germany, he was the one who warned Churchill that something was going on. Out of his own money, Sir William Stephenson help start the spy agencies that helped the war.....there is far too much to get into here on a caricature blog, but Google what he did. ( then you'll ask yourself why the school system has been sleeping). On a lst note.... a spy that worked below Mr. Stephenson became a famous writer after the war. This man created a world known character modelled after Mr. Stephenson. His name was Ian Flemming...his character is James Bond...... Kelly Gannon, Sir William Stephenson, Ian Flemming, James Bond

Calgary Cartoonist Kelly Gannon

A simple cartoon I created for a catering company and for their food truck. Keeping the cartoons simple.... :) Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Calgary Cartoonist Kelly Gannon

I guess every cartoonist has to have a start...... I had this start about 30 years ago doing a computer cartoon strip for a computer magazine. It was obviously directed to computer nerds, and at that time you were classified quite nerdy if you were into computers heavily, not so much today...:) They definitely are not a lugh a minute, but what the was a start....:) Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Window Splash, Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Since Halloween is approaching fast, here is a small window spash cartoon I drew/painted for my grandson Brendan. fun doing these....not as much fun removing them, but all is good..... Kelly GannonCalgary Cartoonist

Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

A couple of party caricatures I did at Chinook Mall in Calgary. I'm not sure when the corporate parties will open up here, but it doesn't look like anytime soon. Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Jack Black Caricature

A pencil sketch of actor Jack Black. I'm not a fan of drawing celebrities but couldn't resist Jack Black's features...:)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Jack Black

Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, Kelly Gannon

A fun project I did during the covid period, I went into a recording studio and sang and recorded a Dean Martin song "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me".. then went line by line and drew some retro-style cartoons to go with the song. Grab a glass of wine and have a listen....enjoy! :) Kelly Gannon, Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, Dean Martin cover song.

Magazine Illustration

A little different than my usual caricatures. This illustration was done for a magazine in Alberta. She gave me the elements and the title of the article and I put them all into the one simple drawing, and I always love just the black and white ones. Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist, Caricature Artist

Paul Revere's Raiders Band

A caricature job I completed years ago of a band I loved as a child, Paul Revere had died a few years back creating a huge loss to this iconic band. I was lucky enough to meet a few times and caricature Paul Revere. The band is still a great band to see though the members have changed over the years.....check them out when they roll through your city... :) Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature/Cartoonist Artist

Anti-Bully Cartoon

 I did this Anti-Bully cartoon about seven years ago for a poster, when I look at it now I realize the bully doesn't always have to be the big guy!
Kelly Gannon, Bully Cartoon, Calgary Cartoonist

Kids Birthday Party Cartoon

A different idea I was asked to do was to cartoon/caricature this young fella, but no color or shading as the parent is going to print this off and hand it out to the kids with colored markers to color in.
Great idea!!
Kelly Gannon Cartoonist in Calgary, Kids Caricatures, Kids Caricature Birthday Party

Panama, Kelly Gannon

Here it is, September 12th and had it not been for this virus, I am supposed to be flying out today to draw caricatures aboard a cruise ship and eventually landing up in Panama. I n previous years I drew caricatures for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines....I had finally got on to another cruise line after many months of qualifying and now to be told the job is cancelled. Well, hopefully in a year or two I guess.
Kelly Gannon, Cruise Ship Caricature Artist

Calgary Cartoonist, Kelly Gannon

Every now and then we get an assignment and for some reason it gets cancelled....this was one that was cancelled for me. It was to be just one of about 12 cartoons for a youtube video. But I sure enjoyed working on this one......even though it was just one....:) :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist, Cartoons Calgary

Logo Design

A part of a logo design I worked on about 6 months ago for a company..... there was to be lettering below the design I drew..... haven't heard a thing for about six months so....I'm posting it.
Kelly Gannon, Logo Design

Corona Virus Blues

Be careful of what you say out loud, your words can have effect....:) I was at a music camp a few years ago and talked with mega drummer Gregg Potter from The Buddy Rich Big Band. We had both realized we had a friend in common, Mark Dawson from the iconic 60's band, The Grass Roots. I casually said to Gregg that " one day I would like to play BRUSHES" on just one of Mark's songs....well......   fast forward 2 years later, if you notice in the video, I'm playing brushes ( I'm the drummer in this song), and I'm playing one song with Mark Dawson.......   careful what you say out loud. In this case, it all good!! Thanks Mark Dawson!!
Kelly Gannon, Drummer, Mark Dawson, Don Kletke, Gregg Potter, Corona Virus Blues

Kelly Gannon Cartoonist

Everyone lately on Facebook has their own avatar...weeellll..... I made my own one.....:) :) :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Tommy Thayer, Kelly Gannon's not everyday you get to meet the guitar player for the iconic rock band KISS! I had a chance to meet Tommy Thayer from KISS and afterwards drew a stylized black and white caricature of Tommy. When I met him he was polite and very cordial, no rock star attitude....seemed like a nice guy!
Kelly Gannon. Calgary Caricature Artist

Calgary Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Here's a real simple studio caricature done for a couple celebrating their anniversary..... cool idea was to leave it black and white and make copies so their grandkids could color the picture....As a sidenote, when I get asked to do studio caricatures, if they were simple like this one, I would do more......:)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Little ole wine drinker me, Dean Martin cover song, Kelly Gannon

I had some fun with this project. I recorded and sang an old 60's Dean Martin song,Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, then drew cartoons for the video. I made the cartoons in a very retro style with a 50's, 60's color palette.....lots of fun on this one. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more to come....:)
Kelly Gannon, retro cartoons, Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, Dean Martin, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Dean Martin Songs, Cartoons from the 50's, 60's, Classic Country Songs, Easy Listening Songs. Robert Mitchum Songs.

Calgary Cartoon Illustrations

Here's a couple cartoon illustrations I drew over the last couple years for everything from menues, calendars to magazines.
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist, Cartoonist on Cslgary