Cruise Line Caricatures

I think these caricatures were drawn when I did a cruise gig from Lisbon down to The Caribbean if I can remember correctly. Since last October I visited about 12 or 13 countries, sometimes I can't remember which guests were which! ...  :)

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Gregg Potter Drummer

I did this cartoon for a great drummer and full time nice guy.... Gregg Potter. Gregg plays with The Buddy Rich Big Band among many other projects Mr. Potter has worked on. I'm proud to call Gregg a friend!

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Party Caricatures

 Surer had fun drawing caricatures aboard a cruise ship to The Hawaiian Islands recently.... thanks to the guests that had their caricature drawn!

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Calgary Convention Caricatures

 Drawing caricatures in Calgary at conventions is a great gig for us caricature artists......   fantastic meeting different people usually from all over the world. This convention was for the airline industry held at The Calgary Convention Center.

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Banff Caricatures

 Drawing caricatures in Banff at The Banff Springs Hotel.

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Kelly Gannon Caricatures

Fun group to draw caricatures for at a Calgary private club located by the Elbow River. Thanks for all the terrific guests that were caricatured that evening!

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Calgary Caricatures

 Caricatures drawn in Calgary at Christmas of tomorrow's movers and shakers....   all fine young gentlemen.

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Bertie Higgins

A cartoon style caricature of pop singer Bertie Higgins. You may remember song of his songs from the eighties such as Key Largo.

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Calgary Caricatures

 Another caricature from an event here in Calgary at COP...... love the hair!!

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Calgary Sketch Artist Kelly Gannon

 From my side of the easel drawing caricatures for a bank in Calgary.

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Calgary Caricature Party Venues

The beautiful part of being a party caricaturist here in Calgary are the venues we get to work in. Above are just a small sample of what we see on a constant basis, a huge shout out to the decorators and party planners!

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Calgary Caricature Artist

 Two caricature events in Calgary, one for a popular car dealership, the other for a church......  the teen males like this style of caricature, always good for an ego boost....!!!!

Calgary Sketch Artist

Two caricature gigs in caricature was at The Calgary University in the medical section, the second caricature was at a community center in Calgary. Great guests to caricature!

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Calgary Sketch Artist Kelly Gannon

 Drawing caricatures in Calgary for an upscale event.....  and even a candy bar! Tough part.... it was situated right across from where I was drawing the caricatures....  oh the temptation! :)

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Calgary Caricature Artist

Here's a couple couples I drew while drawing caricatures for a cruise ship back in October 2022......  fun gig! I was drawing caricatures in Central America as well as West Indies.

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Caricatures At The Calgary Tower

 Tonight's caricature event will be held at The Calgary Tower......   it's a private event, I'm honored I was asked to draw the caricatures for this party.

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Martini Kings

 A few more adjustments to Martini Kings bass player Tony Marisco.

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Stampede Caricatures

 A couple caricatures The Calgary Stampede, most events this year were held outdoors which is actually difficult to work in that kind of heat, but all went well... 😀

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Calgary Party Caricatures

 A recent few caricatures drawn here in Calgary....   the young fella was a modern day Casanova..... he loved his caricature... 😀

To contact Kelly Gannon for party caricatures, email.   .. for a quote.

Kelly Gannon Party Caricatures 

Calgary Party Caricatures

 Stampede Week is over for another year for drawing caricatures here in Calgary....  work was still here, but slowly recovering after a 2 year  shutdown.

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Calgary Party Caricatures

 Just a few of the venues while drawing caricatures in Calgary during Stampede Week this year.

Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures 

Calgary Sketch Artist

 Here's just a couple caricatues from about a month or so ago.... seems more females want these drawn than men..... 😀 Actually I cartoon the female guest better than I do the male.

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