Fort McMurray Fires

Thank God today it started raining up in the Fort McMurray region. To readers that haven't heard about the fires in northern Canada, the area on fire is the size of New York State. I must say, even Russia has offered to help, with our VERY inexperienced Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau turning them down...don't ask. I always wanted to visit Fort McMurray one day as in the 90's, I was working as an editorial cartoonist for The Fort McMurray Today newspaper. I hope the city comes back just as vibrant!
UPDATE... I usually stay non political on my blog, but I find it disgusting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can GIVE away billions of dollars around the world and to areas that voted for him, but simply "match" dollar for dollar Red Cross donations. He hasn't had the courtesy yet of even coming to Alberta and this is May 12th. That tells you something about what kind of man he is...doesn't say much to me.😐
UPDATE OF UPDATE... Okay...Trudeau showed up and seen the devastation...not a lot to say... So far, unemployment benefits are going to be extended..  ,.. wow.....what a Prime Minister we voted in......😕