Re-Cover Your Drumset

Absolutely nothing to do with drawing caricatures, I know, but inbetween caricature events I've been busy re-covering my drum kit. I've re-covered approximately 20 kits throughout the last couple decades and still love seeing the kit with it's new look! First the new covering is ordered from Chicago ( right now the exchange rate will give you cardiac arrest....), after careful measurements. Precision Drums is a very good company that I've delt with over the years.
After stripping off the old wrap and carefully removing the badge and grommet (though you can buy new grommets ) first "dry fit the wrap to make sure it doesn't go past the bearing edge. It should overlap a couple of inches in length before glued.
Then tape the wrap tightly around the drum using painters tape to keep the wrap in place. Make sure the seam is placed inbetween the lugs, on the bass drum, have the seam placed at the bottom, the tom toms have the seam placed on YOUR side of the drum kit when set up so it's not visible to someone looking at the kit from the front.

I use contact cement and lightly sand the area to be glued first. Then take a sharp object such as a long nail and poke from the inside all the holes to be drilled. From the outside of the shell, drill the holes.( if you drill from the inside, it will push the wrap outward and bits of wood will fall inbetween the wrap and shell.

Place the lugs back on....take off the tape.....look at your new drum kit...take pictures and bang away to your heats content!