Car Show

My Son Chris and I attended the car show here in Calgary Sunday....hmmmnnn, just a bit disappointing, you're better off going to a show and shine and not pay the ridiculous parking prices that The Stampede Board seems to think as reasonable. This is NOT to take away from the beautiful vehicles that were there, they were top notch. For example, there is a beautiful Corvette behind me....but in this car show they only had a couple Corvettes.....??? To The Calgary Stampede Board, perhaps set your standards and sights a bit higher.Below are a few of my favorites and again, all cars were beautifully done. The car behind me....well, that would be my dream car...:)
I put these beautiful cars on this sight as when it comes to creativity, skill, art and artisans that do what most of us can't, this to me is a piece of art equal to any painting I've seen out there.