Studio Caricatures

I learned my lesson on this caricature assignment. First off, I don't do studio CARICATURES, but ALWAYS welcome studio CARTOONS.....there is a huge difference. When the client contacted me, he asked about CARTOONS, so I said yes, gladly will do them all. But I met with the gentleman, and he certainly was a gentleman, and after describing the job, I quickly realized he meant CARICATURES....NOT cartoons......a LOT of work, right at Christmas where I'm doing about 5 gigs a weekend and , for example am doing 3 caricature events just on the week days....then it's up to Kananaskis Resort to spend right up to New Years Day drawing caricatures for the visiting guests. I had the option of dropping out then, but he was such a nice person, I decided, what the heck...who needs sleep and food anyway.....So my lesson learned is to make clear if the drawing will be a cartoon...or a caricature.......:) There's plenty more but am too tired to post.....:)