Hanna Caricature Gig

Every year I have the great opportunity to draw caricatures at the Hanna Teen Fair....and I love it! One interesting aspect about Hanna is that one of the world's biggest name rock bands grew up and came out of Hanna...Nickelback. Like them or hate them, your choice, but no denying that they achieved something incredible especially after you've had the opportunity such as I have of talking to many people that grew up with them as teens. ( most all these kids parents were in their classroom).
Unlike many rock bands, Nickelback has spent money and time on their incredible stage and light show...after all....that's what rock bands should do! (the worst I've seen was Bon Jovi...:(
Why I admire what the group has accomplished in their career, you only have to see the starting point of their career. The hotel ( the large white building ) was a Friday night playing venue and even they played at the local Legion....no overnight success.
I wonder if the band knew they would be playing the venues below....especially after starting out playing in the venues above......
And the common theme when talking to the parents of the kids I drew of the band Nickelback...."they were true bad boys!"
Yes...after listening to parents talk about the band, ( bad boys!), seeing the area they lived in, the smallness of the little town with radio stations only playing country music and of course, the venues they started playing in, I came to the conclusion that if anyone has a dream, with some hard work and a little luck.....one can accomplish them...good on you Nickelback!