Calgary Caricatures

This event held in down town Calgary was a large one where everyone was invited. Line-ups were long and never had a chance to get many pictures of guests caricatured....but what a fun gig!
When I'm asked to draw the small girls as a princess, I have to remember the only princess cartoon I was taught when I worked a summer in Disneyland. I guess I should come up with a couple more as I'm asked quite often to draw this cartoon.
I love drawing guests of Asian the large cheek bones, full lips and other features of their face structure that make the cartoon interesting.
The greatest part of my "job" besides meeting the wonderful guests is knowing the other entertainers that I constantly work with. above are Tristan and Sara with the entertainment agent that put the show together ) there were bands, temporary airbrush tattoos, "my Wife and Daughter did those," face painters and much more). Both Tristan and Sara are so MEGA talented, they should be working for either Disney or Universal Studios as this is just a microcosm of the many talents they have.....and yes...Sara designed and sewed both costumes.