Again...absolutely nothing to do with caricatures. But the last few weeks has had me doing what I love to do....renovate the house....boring to some, but to me....well, it's like tonic. I do my fair share of swearing, especially if I have to rip someone else's mess out first, but when it's done...all smiles.....:) I have to tout a paint product here...."Deckover" by Behr paints. The builder, McKee Homes in Airdrie should be ashamed of themselves for using untreated lumber for a deck! You can use it for railings ( water will slide off it)...but NOT for floor decking! As you can see, the before pic was quite a mess, luckily with no rot as I kept on top of it every year, but nonetheless, gouges and splits everywhere. It only takes one coat of Deckover to put a sand/paint combination and is durable in a few days!