This has nothing to do with drawing caricatures....but I'm going Oprah on you with this book. I'm a huge reading nerd that has to have a book going constantly since I was a child. A friend of mine at the gym who is an avid motorcycle rider gave me this it!  Because it is a bit grim, I've made it a habit to have a coffee in the morning and read it on my deck each day. Written by super-drummer Neil Peart, drummer for Canadian rock band Rush, but with no reference to music or drums. In one year Mr. Peart had his 19 year old daughter killed in a car accident, literally months later, his long-time wife died of cancer, one tragedy is bad enough let alone experiencing two so close to each other. To ease the mental pain, Neil Peart chose to ride his motorcycle for months on end,  with the mission to keep moving, and completely miss Christmas. He documents his thoughts and feelings each day while driving his bike through Alaska, all across Canada, parts of the United States, Mexico then on to Belize. Disturbing because of his own dark thoughts and just to keep moving pretty well by himself. But obviously Neil Peart made it through the darkness and conquered what life had thrown at him showing us all not to ever take a loved one for granted, after reading the book one can only admire the man's inner strength.