Convention ....over.....

Yes! Caricature artists do have conventions. ( I like explaining that to Customs officials when I travel.... :) The 2014 convention in Reno, Nevada has wrapped up for another year. The convention attracts the best caricaturists from all over the globe, from animation, newspaper, magazine, themepark and celebrity backgrounds. This years guest speaker was the great Sebastion Krugar from Germany (just one of the many guest speakers.) It was a time to see old friends and meet new ones and of course see terrific artwork produced before our very eyes.
From caricature sculpture created by Johanna from Holland, to book signings done by Sebastian Krugar from Germany.
Meeting up with talented caricaturists from as close as Edmonton, Alberta ( Laurel Hawkswell and Cathy McMillan) and seeing "far away" friends such as Liesbeth Beckers all the way from was my pleasure!