Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas was calling me last week, (needed that break!), so gigs were put on hold. And a great break it was. This time we stayed at Treasure Island because of it's location. Rooms were nice, food...hmmmnn...not great in my opinion, compared to some other hotels...smokey smelling gaming room...though courtesy....very good! Seen a few terrific shows, talked with some good caricature artists and enjoyed the 24 hour excitement Vegas has to offer. Not very impressed though with the airport security who really should have "manners training." I really hope with their power trip attitude they never apply to a police force...they might be better off as a "mall security guard." Seems I spent 5 months applying, ( and getting) a Nexus Card and Vegas airport security doesn't honour it. I guess if I had a low level type of job such as they do, I would perhaps feel the same way watching professionals pass by me. But all in all....Vegas is a fun trip! Now back to work with many caricature gigs coming up.