This post is for drum would bore all others! A year ago I purchased a Trixon cocktail drum kit. Cocktail drumsets are making a huge comeback as they are portable, take up very little floor space and can still get the essential sounds that a small group requires, though it does take some work learning how to play standing up, but worth the learning experience if you've ever loaded up a kit in a Canadian winter at 2:00am when it's 20 below. The kit I ordered came in a black gloss, but why Trixon ever got the crazy idea of putting white lugs and hoops on them.....only Trixon knows. Here is the set out of the box.
I just couldn't stand looking at the white accents (they were cheaply made as well....nice going Trixon....).so I purchased all new lugs, rods and hoops. Because I used to re-cover drumkits a number of years ago, I had the experience of taking a drum and changing the appearance to how I wanted it. I ordered the drum wrap from Chicago (Precision Drums....great company to deal with!). Below are the shells finished....more on the whole set-up in another post, as the entire kit has been triggered through a Roland module....later!
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