Caricature Artist in Calgary

A charity I will always support is Ronald McDonald House. An event I've drawn caricatures at in Calgary for years always turns out to be a well supported, terrific event. My "station" is just before some of the bouncy houses (the picture above shows about one-sixth of the premises). The families will soon pour into the event and I'll be one busy caricaturist for the entire day.

My family has had to use Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton and I must say, it is a must for some families that has a sick child. We were there only for a few days, but some families are there for over a year while a heart becomes available for their child...imagine a families income being cut in half..the Father living in another province and the Mother having to pay for a hotel room so she can stay with her sick child....please always throw some money in the containers in your McDonald's the next time you're NEVER know when it could affect you.......................
Kelly Gannon, Ronald McDonald House, Calgary's caricature artist