Okay...this has nothing to do with drawing caricatures, instead, it's for anyone interested in weightlifting. I did something to my wrist lifting weights and it hasn't gotten any better after about five months....panic sets in then! Luckily for me, it isn't my right hand, or drawing hand, then I would stop lifting weights until it returned to normal ( if it ever would.).

But...I'm a great believer in when something goes wrong...it's usually a good thing. ( I know...sounds odd....stick with me bodybuilders.)

After much research and thought, I decided to change tactics instead of quitting. I bought a heavy-duty wrist brace that is reinforced with a steel band. Second, I thought about what kind of exercises I could do that would keep my wrist straight. Voila....more COMPOUND exercises. I had been doing far too many "isolation" exercises in the last few years and now am forced to get back to compounds.

So you know...."compound" exercises are the heavier ones that concentrate on major muscle groups, you can work a larger group of muscles in a shorter time, as well as burning more calories (takes a great deal of energy)....but....you need some serious energy, as it takes much more weight to lift to make it worth the effort. For example, today I worked my shoulders. These can be shoulder presses with dumbbells, military presses and Arnold dumbbell presses.

The "isolation" exercises work mainly one muscle at a time....maybe that's why my workouts were three hours long..

So.....the great lesson I was able to come out with after hurting my wrist and having to adjust my workouts with compound exercises was that I can have a more effective workout with less time involved. ( though, I will introduce the isolation exercises again after my wrist has healed.) I loved the feeling today of having my shoulders have that "good pain" feeling when trying to put my shirt on, and my wrists were no longer sore after the workout, and I knew I worked them far more doing these exercises than my old routine.....so something deemed to be bad, can be a blessing..................