Cartoon style caricatures.

As a caricature artist in Calgary, part of my career in drawing caricatures at events are drawing cartoon style caricatures of  kids. I do know a few caricaturist colleagues that limit their career to only drawing adults, but reflecting back on the last few years of business, I realized that about fifty percent of my business are kids events. ( my next three events coming up are kids events). There are tricks to having the caricature look the same age as the subject, as I've seen many artists drawings make the subject look about ten years older. One secret....keep the chin small....forehead area larger. Another...the distance between the eyes and bottom of the nose should be kept a fairly short distance, even if the nose is long....I know, doesn't make sense, but it does work. To sum it can't always draw exactly what you see when caricaturing kids...but it does work!
Kelly Gannon, cartoon drawings of people, calgary cartoons