I took "number one Son" a week ago to see KISS for an early birthday gift. Though I wouldn't buy one of their records (but after hearing their song "I was made for loving you" done live, I'll order it on iTunes) they did have a great stage show.....SO nice NOT to see a band in a sloppy old tee shirt, ill fitting blue jeans and a ball cap....THANK YOU KISS! I have the old fashioned belief that a band shouldn't look like the guy in the front row....they're onstage!!
KISS never failed to please the audience with both the pace of the music and of course ....the show. I especially admire when multi-millionaire musicians still respect their fan base enough to invest in the show itself, as they had state of the art lighting, fire, and video. After seeing the last disappointing group...Bon Jovi....(who apparently didn't think they had to have concert lighting, a stage show or anything other than Jon Bon Jovi's looks to sell the band.....). Over all, the evening was well worth the price of admission...and the warm-up band... "Leogun" was one of THE better bands I have yet to see....look out for this group in the future!