I had spent the day caricaturing some wonderful teenagers in the small town of...Hanna, Alberta. What is so significant about Hanna is that the rock group "Nickelback" grew up here, the band are cousins and brothers. While driving back home from the caricature event, after seeing the small, old-fashioned downtown (pictured above), and all the radio stations playing country music, he blue and white building is the bar they used to play in)....I just had to admire the odds that Nickelback overcame to become one of the world's premier rock had me thinking of destiny. Other bands coming out of New York, Vancouver, L.A., and Toronto, with all that is available to them havn't reached the heights Nickelback have.....could it be a "meant to be"? Congradulations Nickelback!!
The event for the teenagers of Hanna I worked at was where Nickelback started out playing while just young and upcoming...some of the event organizers remember the band playing for the teens.....great group of young people at the event!
Character artist in Calgary, Kelly Gannon, Nickelback, Calgary caricaturist