Party Caricatures in Calgary

Drawing party caricatures in Calgary is always interesting as I never know which venue I will be at from week to week. Last evening's venue drawing caricatures was at Flames Central in Calgary....a beautiful venue for events and live bands. The guests I caricatured were from all over Canada in a closed to the public event. As Stampede Week is right around the corner, the theme for the event was was great practice drawing guests with cowboy hats on, a practice I only do for 10 days a year. My view (though I never had time to watch the band) was off to the side of the band....really enjoyed listening to them while drawing, I much prefer a live band over a DJ any day. I took a quick shot of the ceiling display in the above pic...there were many more logo's on the ceiling but couldn't fit the pics in my camera. The last time I drew here was for a corporate event with top notch Philidelphia caricaturist, Emily Anthony where the company brought in Creedence Clearwater Revisited, members of the orignal 60's band.
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