Calgary Floods!

Calgary was hit with the storm of the century...though it lasted over the last week or so, areas in Calgary were completely flooded out as were surrounding towns. Police had mandatory evacuation notice to 100,000 residents, one of them being my Sister. The Calgary Stampede is only weeks away and The Saddledome along with all it's Jumbotron equipment is submersed in water. Million dollar homes were ruined and residents were made to leave immediately. Some small towns on the outskirts were completely evacuated, some had all the residents evacuate to a shelter as the roads were closed. I had four great gigs this weekend and so far two are cancelled, one the venue has changed as it was downtown and no vehicles are allowed into downtown Calgary, and the last event...who knows, I'll hear tomorrow as tonight will be another heavy rainfall. I'm a little worried as next week I have a seven hour event at The Rimrock Resort in Banff and hope the roads are open. We all think this only happens in third world countries, I think city planners are now going to look at certain aspects a little differently now. I really pray that people that lost so much of their assets can recover quickly from this disaster.