Fab Friday!

This "Fab Friday" was truly a "Fab" one! I had a surprise letter today from an  amazing guy, friend and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet....Mark Dawson! ( the above pic) Mark is the lead singer and bassist for the sixties iconic group The Grass Roots. ( Heaven Knows, Live For Today, Midnight Confessions and many more million sellers ). Mark is always on tour with different bands and performers and when he was on tour with Mickey Dolenz ( the legend above with the hat on....if you don't know, Mickey Dolenz is one of The Monkees)....... I jokingly sketched a cartoon-caricature of Mickey and sent it to Mark....well he took the liberty of getting Mickey to sign it for me and mailed it to me.... how many rock stars take the time to do that...not many....Thanks Mark!  Thanks Mickey! It was special because when I was young, I would watch Mickey play the drums and I still play to this day...( my band does two songs by The Monkees)