Fab Friday!

In keeping with the "Fab Friday" theme about showing creativity around the world INSTEAD of what newspapers do and show depressing bad news, here's what I find exciting this week!

My Son went to the Motley Crue concert this week and loved the show! Notice I said "The show." Though I wouldn't buy one of their recordings, I love a great rock show myself, I feel if they make a gazillion dollars doing what they do...lets go over the top with a show, and that Motley Crue did do with the drummer Tommy Lee's roller coaster drum solo. Built on a 360 degree track, the drums are welded into place and Tommy Lee is strapped in as well as choosing a fan from the audience who is also strapped in behind him. Tommy Lee isn't Buddy Rich, but who is? Doesn't matter, he's taken the drum solo to an exciting level, though I'm not sure how he can top this!

In the past he's hired magician David Copperfield to help design some of his drum extravaganza's, that right there tells me he cares about his fan base and has a creative streak in him.  This must be an insurance nightmare....but great on you Mr. Lee.....you've put the show back into rock when most rock bands today are getting away with sloppy tee shirts, ill fitting jeans and generally....boring ( Bon Jovie was the last extremely boring concert I've witnessed while with a fellow caricature artist....they justjust depended on their "pretty boy" looks to get them through their concert.)