Fab Fridays!

Each hair was sown onto the body individualy to create a more natural look.
The cast is on the left of finished creature created after a sculpture was made from a drawing...
Because newspapers and media in general are ALWAYS focusing on the negative side of life, I'm going to put onto my blog once a week a feature from the creative files of life that shows that there are wonderful things to inspire us all. The first post is an exhibit I took my handsome little Grandson above to, about a month or so ago. Held at the Telus Spark Centre this was a travelling exhibit of animatronic monsters that were used in movies. The creator of these monsters and many more is John Cox, an Acadamy Award winner. When watching the creative process behind these you can see how science, technology, engineering, math and of course art is combined to come up with entertainment....and to think...it all started with an idea and a series of pencil sketches!