Drawing the Asian Female

Different nationalities have different features that a caricature artist has to learn to keep in mind when drawing the public, I've seen so many artists that don't differentiate from the different races. Above is a delightful Asian Woman I drew at an event yesterday. Obviously, very dark hair, next, the chhek structure, very dominate and rounded. The nose....shorter in length and a bit wider than the Caucasian, The space from the end of the nose to the top of the lip is also more spacious than the average Caucasian, usually with thicker lips. Next to keep in mind would be the chin, keep it small with not a lot of space from the bottom of the lower lip to the the bottom of the chin.

Lastly, the eyes....NOT always at an angle that we may think, but quite often, but keep in mind the eyeball should be a semi-circle, NOT a comple circle. There is usually not a lid involved, but do keep the eyebrows up quite high from the top of the eye.

There you have it! A basic lesson I've learned the hard way on how to draw the Asian guest. And again, I thank this lovely lady above to be my model for this small lesson, she was an absolute joy to draw and talk to!