I hired a logo artist out of Montreal,Canada to create a logo for my Daughter's event booking agency, I just love what he came up with! Thanks Johnny...great job! My Daughter and I chose the color purple for it's vibrancy and polls show the color purple is most chosen by children and artists and has become known as "the ideal color!" I use Prismacolor Art Stix quite often behind my caricatures at live events and took an unscientific poll just for myself to see which color the general public prefers....purple was the most chosen color, thus it cemented my decision for the Kel Studios Entertainment logo. The event agency's website will be constantly added to and updated throughout the year, as I have a great website builder...thanks Davinder! I didn't go for the "completed" website yet as I've come to accept that I constantly change my mind on design, so I set it up very basic, then will add and subtract from the site as the year progresses. http://kelstudios.com