Calgary Caricaturist

I could see on my face after five events that were quite close to each other this weekend, and adjusting to the time change and jet lag after my trip to San Antonio, Texas, that it looks like I was a bit tired. This was a terrific event I drew caricatures at, held at a major department store in an upscale mall in Calgary. The store had a huge promotion in the cosmetic department and gave away free caricature drawings to customers, they also had tarot card readers, food, etc.....the promotion seemed a success, as I know I was drawing steady for four hours . What I thought was clever of the store's promotion department, is that there was a beautiful Santa Claus display in the center of the mall....VERY nicely done and attracted large crowds, and the store I worked in was opposite the Santa display, thus opening it's doors and having major cosmetics companies advertise and set up promotions. I love it when a store, or any business thinks intelligent like that...good on them!
Kelly Gannon, Caricatures in Calgary