Keith Richards Caricature

At the San Antonio convention, we have a studio piece that all caricaturists bring with them, I'm not big on studio caricatures of celebrities, so all I really have is our friend here...Keith Richards. I had the opportunity to see Keith Richards with The Rolling Stones in Edmonton years ago, and all I could think of while watching him was "He is a walking cartoon."...Back to the picture...To make the picture a little more fun, I bought some pinstriping used for automobile trim (not really in style anymore though) and because Mr. Richards is from the U.K. I took a white matting and "pinstriped" the Union Jack flag onto it. The frame was all silver so I took shiny black exhaust pipe tape, also bought at a car accessory store and covered most of the frame except silver does look better than my photography skills show here.
Kelly Gannon, Keith Richards