Editorial Cartoons

The 1990's were a great time for me as an editorial cartoonist. I was thrilled each time I seen my cartoon published in the newspaper, but then the shine started to wear off after about three years....always having to read negative news (what else does a newspaper sell?). The deadlines! Oh the deadlines....sometimes I was up until 1:00AM finishing up a cartoon before the deadline, only to see the next morning a spelling mistake that had to be fixed.

While I was trying to find a way out and still try to draw cartoons for a living, I was invited to an NCN (now called ISCA) convention that had Jack Davis from Mad Magazine as a special guest speaker. Jack Davis is my all time favorite cartoonist, I jumped at the chance and flew down to Coco Beach, Florida where I seen caricaturists draw people in mere minutes....I was hooked....and here I am a couple decades later still doing just that!
Kelly Gannon, Editorial Cartoons