Kelly Gannon

One of my biggest thrills of my caricature career was the opportunity to draw caricatures in Disneyland, California. Good friend and a fine caricature artist, Tom Kelly, gave me the invite one summer until he trained a few more artists, as Tom ran the caricature booths in the location Downtown Disney. I jumped at the chance, flew down, and never looked back. It was a bit rough with the coloring I have to admit, as in The States, there are Hawaiians, different black skin tones and the Mexican population which were quite new to me, so it was a "learn on the job" situation. In the bottom picture, Tom invited me to a special event with the cast of Disney's "That's So Raven." I loved that as the event was held at Disney, Burbank Studios, where the offices of the Disney Corp. are. Thanks Tom for the experience!
Caricatures In Disneyland, Kelly Gannon