Calgary Caricatures

Sometimes I get busy at a corporate event such as this one and just have no time for pictures. This beautiful event I drew caricatures at was for BMW....this couple were repeat customers as I've drawn for BMW for approx. five years now. The coupe are fantastic as well!!! :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Caricatures in Calgary

Jack Black Caricature, Calgary Caricatures

A simple pencil sketch of actor Jack Black...
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricatures

A sample of a couple of fun guests while drawing caricatures in Calgary for BMW just before Christmas, the guests were terrific and the venue was beautiful! Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kel Gannon

Caricature Venues

Above are a few of the venues I had the opportunity to draw caricatures in Calgary over the Christmas season. The staff always takes extra care to have these venues looking great before the guests arrive.....hats off to you! The bottom picture was the scenery I looked onto in the area I was situated drawing caricatures....sometimes it was tough to only look at the subject I was drawing.....:)
Kelly Gannon caricature artist

Calgary Face Painter

A little shout out to Calgary Face Painter Cara Gannon.....available for kids parties, company events...anywhere people gather to have fun! Cara'a email is...
Her site is
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter

Paul Revere and the Raiders

Throwback Thursday...….  I love when random things happen out of the blue! Checking my Facebook a few years back I seen that the iconic 60's, 70's rock band, Paul Revere and the Raiders had my cartoons that I had drawn for them years ago on their Facebook feed. I had also drawn the leader Paul Revere as well but he died a few years after and his cartoon isn't included in the post. The Raiders were one of the best selling bands in the 60's and today still fill packed venues (I've seen them a few times live and it is still a fantastic show). A personal thanks to Paul Revere and the Raiders....just for being a great band! :)
Kelly Gannon, Kelly Gannon Caricatures, Kel Gannon

Idiot Trudeau

Bringing back memories of when I was a political cartoonist....I did this at request for Canada Action concerning our inept, idiot Prime Minister justin trudeau (I can't bring myself to even give the "man" capital letters on his name.....)

Kelly Gannon Caricatures

Here's just a couple of quick, SIMPLE caricatures out of many I've done over the last year for a few Facebook friends....they use it as a profile picture.....
Kelly Gannon, Profile Caricatures, caricatures in Calgary, Calgary Caricatures

Great Experience...meeting Paul Stanley of KISS

My new post has absolutely nothing to do with caricatures. You may not recognize this gentleman I'm standing with here last month in The States....if you put white face paint on his face...then paint a star over one eye then I'm sure you'll recognize him......yes, I had the great opportunity to meet Paul Stanley, lead singer for KISS...though when meeting someone like Paul, you suddenly have a loss for words! :)
Kel Gannon, Kelly Gannon
Here is another gentleman you may not recognize right away....  his onstage persona is that of a spaceman...Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist for KISS...Tommy was such a nice guy....I'm 6' 1"....look at the size of him!!!!…..:)
Kel Gannon, Kelly Gannon
I wish I had a video tape when I was introduced to this gentleman, Ringo Starr's manager had just been given a caricature drawn by myself and commented to this fellow that "I was a full-time cartoonist"......the fellow was actually impressed, but not as impressed as I was....he is John 5.....lead guitarist for Marylin Manson, Rob Zombie and David Lee Roth.....besides being a wicked good guitarist he was a nice guy to boot!
Kel Gannon, Kelly Gannon

David Fishof, Calgary Caricaturist Kelly Gannon

I really like entrepreneurs, especially this man who I had the honor to spend a few days with and draw a digital caricature for...David Fishof……. creator and manager of Ringo Starr's All Starr Band. ( yes...THAT Ringo Starr....:) David's list of accomplishments are too many to put here, being a pro sports agent, author of business books, friends and manager of the biggest rock stars in the world, produced Dirty Dancing Live Tour, produced American Gladiators Live get the idea, and above all......just a heck of a nice guy!! Thanks David!!
Kel Gannon, David Fishof, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricatures

This weekend will find me drawing at a private event for The Calgary Flames hockey players. It's my 4th year so far....nice guys with a terrific sense of humour!
Kel Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricature Artist

When drawing caricatures of the guys I don't exaggerate all that much even though we're all led to believe that the guys want their features exaggerated....nope....they want it respectfully done just as the ladies do. If you want to be successful as a party caricaturist in Calgary, better temper your pen.... :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kel Gannon

Calgary;s Kid Caricatures

A couple Calgary kid's cartoon caricatures a couple months ago...though not every kid wants his cartoon caricature drawn....more like Mom's idea..... :)
Calgary Caricatures
Calgary kid's caricatures, Kel Gannon Caricatures, Calgary Caricatures

Stampede Caricatures, Calgary Caricatures

Stampede Week here in Calgary is over for another year....Yee Haw! Just a couple of perhaps a hundred caricatures I've drawn over the week. Thank you to all my guests that were happy to get caricatured! My pleasure!
Calgary Caricatures

Kel Gannon, Kelly Gannon
Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures

Kids Caricatures, Calgary

It was so much easier when drawing kids to use a marker compared to my regular brush pen as kids usually like having a body, sport, activity drawn in which is much easier when using a marker.
Kel Gannon, Calgary Kids Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Tee Shirt Design Kelly Gannon

I painted a "Jimmy Buffet" style tee shirt design with a Calgary flair put into it.

Need a tee shirt Kel Gannon at..
Kel Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist, Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures

Party Caricature

Well....they did say "draw it funny!' Done! :)
Kel Gannon, Party Caricatures in Calgary, Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricatures Kelly Gannon

Two lovely ladies I had the pleasure of drawing caricatures for in Cochrane this past Wednesday. I haven't kept up taking pictures for about 6 months now because I thought I would get a new phone first.....but that has not materialized yet. Hoping 2018 will have me drawing caricatures of thousands more guests!
Kel Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures

Calgary Party Caricatures

Drawing party caricatures in Calgary over the Christmas season had me drawing hundreds of guests....but, I only took a couple pictures....time for a new phone for Christmas as my Samsung doesn't take good pictures because of it's age. I usually work in venues that are a bit too dark and don't really have time to get the greatest picture while other guests are standing in line to get their face caricatured.. Merry Christmas!
Kel Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Kelly Gannon Caricatures

I combined a few of my old digital caricatures I drew a number of years ago.....see if you can figure who each character is. Hint....they are tops in their field.... :)
Kel Gannon, Calgary Caricatures, Kelly Gannon Caricatures

Caricature Venues in Calgary

As a caricature artist in Calgary I get to draw caricatures at some of the nicest parties in the city....I love my job! These are only a handful of venues I drew caricatures at this Christmas....though some venues can definitely be's the guests that really make the party! :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Calgary Party Caricatures

Teenagers were drawn lots over the Christmas holidays....they're always cool to draw, anytime of the year!
Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kel Gannon,Kelly Gannon