Stampede Caricatures

Stampede Week here in Calgary is over for another year....Yee Haw! Just a couple of perhaps a hundred caricatures I've drawn over the week. Thank you to all my guests that were happy to get caricatured! My pleasure!

Kelly Gannon
Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures

Calgary Caricature Artist

Stampede Week is right around the corner here in Calgary so there will hundreds of caricatures drawn in the next few weeks...starting tomorrow night.
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricature Artist

Kids Caricatures, Calgary

It was so much easier when drawing kids to use a marker compared to my regular brush pen as kids usually like having a body, sport, activity drawn in which is much easier when using a marker.
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Kids Caricatures

Tee Shirt Design Kelly Gannon

I painted a "Jimmy Buffet" style tee shirt design with a Calgary flair put into it.

Need a tee shirt Kelly Gannon at..
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist

Party Caricature

Well....they did say "draw it funny!' Done! :)
Kelly Gannon, Party Caricatures in Calgary

Calgary Party Caricatures Kelly Gannon

Two lovely ladies I had the pleasure of drawing caricatures for in Cochrane this past Wednesday. I haven't kept up taking pictures for about 6 months now because I thought I would get a new phone first.....but that has not materialized yet. Hoping 2018 will have me drawing caricatures of thousands more guests!
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Calgary Party Caricatures

Drawing party caricatures in Calgary over the Christmas season had me drawing hundreds of guests....but, I only took a couple pictures....time for a new phone for Christmas as my Samsung doesn't take good pictures because of it's age. I usually work in venues that are a bit too dark and don't really have time to get the greatest picture while other guests are standing in line to get their face caricatured.. Merry Christmas!
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Kelly Gannon Caricatures

I combined a few of my old digital caricatures I drew a number of years ago.....see if you can figure who each character is. Hint....they are tops in their field.... :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures

Caricature Venues in Calgary

As a caricature artist in Calgary I get to draw caricatures at some of the nicest parties in the city....I love my job! These are only a handful of venues I drew caricatures at this Christmas....though some venues can definitely be's the guests that really make the party! :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures

Calgary Party Caricatures

Teenagers were drawn lots over the Christmas holidays....they're always cool to draw, anytime of the year!
Calgary Caricatures, Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricatures

I'm always honoured when the ladies come to me for a caricature at events, I've worked hard to draw the female as beautiful as I can. Thanks ladies!!! These lovely gals were drawn last month at The Banff Springs Hotel.
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Caricatures

Calgary Cartoonist

I was so fortunate to have drawn the cartoons for the sleeve of a cd featuring songs from the 1960's. I kept the style very retro keeping the colors basic as well as the drawings very could do 100 more of these projects..... :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Cartoonist
I'm so lucky as a party caricaturist here in Calgary to get a chance to work in well over a hundred different rooms each's just a couple this last month....there are of course many more, but thses rooms just looked darn nice! :)

Calgary Caricature

About 70 % of my event caricatures are "couples"....these two looked so happy together while getting the caricature drawn...both so cheerful.....thanks John and Sara!
Kelly Gannon

Window Splash for Halloween

Well last years Halloween window splash (above) beats this years for sure! I think from now on I'll draw less cartoons on the window and larger ones as well....but the trick or treaters did enjoy them!
Kelly Gannon

Calgary Party Caricatures, Kelly Gannon

Sunday had me drawing caricatures for the Calgary Flames hockey team and their families. All were wonderful guests to draw for, just one of those great crowds! Thanks Calgary Flames! ps....I couldn't show any samples....darn!! :)
Kelly Gannon, Calgary Party Caricatures, Calgary Flames

Calgary Event Caricatures

This caricature event I did in Calgary was one of my favorites....a classic car show event! And even the weather cooperated! Just a few of my favorites below...I guess you can tell what my favorite classic car is... :)

Calgary Face Painter

A shout out to a face painter I work with in Calgary all the time, Cara Gannon. I'll be working with Cara at an event this coming Friday. You can contact Cara at...
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter

Calgary Wedding Caricatures

I didn't have time to take anymore pictures at this beautiful East Indian wedding I drew at about a month ago, at weddings I have to get through as many guests as I can in the allotted time, it's pressure on me but there is a start and finish time and I try to finish at the "finish time" with as many drawn as possible...then...that's it, I'm spent....:)

Wedding Caricatures

Caricatures at weddings this year are the highest number I've ever done. I have another this weekend, this sample was from last weekend. I only had time for one picture as there was a long line-up and the idea is to get as many caricatures drawn in the allotted time. To book me in advance for your wedding, my email is
Kelly Gannon, wedding caricatures in Calgary

Stickman Experience

I had a beautiful opportunity this year to attend The Stickman Experience in Sask. Started by Jayson Brinkworth ( super nice guy and drummer for Aaron Pritchett). It was great to see Jim Riley from Rascal Flatts again this year and the other picture is non other than the drummer for Bryan Adams, Pat Steward ( I'm 6'1" and he makes me look short!).  It was great to hang with two accomplished super drummers.
Kelly Gannon

Kelly Gannon, Caricatures in Calgary

I just happened to have a blue Prismastick that day....worked well! :)
Always the challenge at events....having enough lights.....:) But it all worked out well.
Kelly Gannon, caricatures

Caricatures in Calgary, Kelly Gannon

From drawing caricatures at The National Music Center, to The Calgary Stampede to Banff...always a change in scenery! :)
Kelly Gannon, Caricatures in Calgary, Caricature Drawings