Drawing Caricatures Outdoors

Drawing caricatures outdoors can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially when it's a hot day....though windy days can also present problems, like trying to hold down the paper! Me....hot, sunny days are my scourge! Why....the ink in my pens run like water after it heats up and is a bit uncontrollable....kind of like "herding cats..." I find that I always have to shift the chairs around as the sun lands up hitting the guest right in the face and thus the "squinty eye" look. I use a Mars brush marker when drawing....nice, but if one drop of rain hits it...well....it looks like a photo of Tammy Baker with the smearing makeup look. Needless to say, the above caricatures were drawn outside.....but I was lucky....I had a tent..... :)
Kelly Gannon