Halloween Window Splash

Though I never pursued doing window splash, or window painting, I did this one and another for my little Grandson, Brendan. It was fun for me drawing it out as he watched me, luckily he WAS watching as I had totally forgot to draw in Dracula's fangs in which I was immediately reminded by Brendan.  Drawing on windows can be tricky as you draw everything backwards, not too bad when it comes to the image....MUCH tougher when it comes to lettering.
Jazzberry Entertainment
In the U.S.A. the Coast to Coast Bully Walk was under way again, I'm proud to say that my cartoon of the above pitbull, "Piper" is again used for the banners, and calendars as well as ID badges. From what I understand The Bully Walk is to bring awareness to the breed and it's owners, I don't know a lot about the breed, ( we have a Pomeranian-Chihuahua......about as far from a pitbull as can be....) A big shout-out to Laura Bodnar-Bruccoleri for all her fabulous work in changing not only the perception of the breed, but helping to educate it's owners. :)