Paul Revere and The Raiders - Kicks

I finished the cartoon-caricature of Jamie Revere, son of Paul Revere, of the legendary group. Paul Revere and the Raiders.  After Paul Revere had passed away ( had a chance to meet him twice and was a nice guy to meet!). The Raiders decided to continue with the band, thankfully, and added Paul Revere's son in the above cartoon. They had asked me if I could cartoon Jamie to add to the cartoons I had already completed for them. The video is what you would experience at any of their fun concerts. The element about this band is that they have fun while playing, but don't let that fool you....each musician is at the top of their game when it comes to musicianship. See if you can pick out the members from the video....if you can...then I've done my job! If you're a fan of the band...or a new fan, go onto Facebook under "Paul Revere's Raiders," and you can see if they're playing in a venue close to'll be one of the best concerts you'll see....!