Kudos to Canadian soldiers of WW11

This post has absolutely nothing to do with caricatures, but far more important as it's the 70th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands from the Germans during WW11 by Canadian led troops. I'm an avid reader of Canadian military history of that terrible time....even though Hollywood chose to ignore the accomplishments of the Canadian soldier, the Europeans and history books have not. ( Even Canadian school curriculums should be embarrassed).

The First Canadian Army strike force fought in mud with virtually no cover against air assault having up to 13000 casualties with 7,600 dying in the fight. Shame on you Hollywood and Canadian school boards for no recognition. I spent some time with a Dutch family in Amsterdam years ago and felt the generosity from everyone I met when it was mentioned I was Canadian. So, again....I'm very proud of what these men had to battle through...I know I couldn't do it!