Calgary Kids Caricatures

This caricature gig was for me a marathon stamina gig! It was about the fourth year I've drawn for an Alberta Lacrosse tournament, love it, but the hour were extended ( not complaining..... )...On Saturday I started drawing caricatures at 9:00am and with maybe a ten minute break, I finished at 9:00pm. On Sunday it was only a five and a half hour drawing time. I'm not sure about other caricature artists here in Calgary, but I actually love the line-ups and pressure of getting as many completed as I my humble opinion, sometimes my caricatures look better! ( maybe it's only in my own mind....:)
Now this young fella's hair is a caricaturists dream......:)
It's always just a bit "odd" when I draw a young child and they want to be drawn as The Hulk.....this one kind of worked, but wouldn't you know was one of the only colors I never had with me that day.....(ps....his Mom fixed his hair right before I snapped the picture.....:)
The history of lacrosse in North America is said to have originated with Canada's First Nations then later adopted by the French Canadians in 1850. It was then declared Canada's National Game of Canada in 1859. Lets just say it's a tad tougher and more physical than billiards........:)
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