Paul Revere and the Raiders

This morning I awoke to hear the news that the leader/creator, Paul Revere, of the icon sixties rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders had passed away. If you're not over a certain age, you might not know this group, but never the less, they've influenced countless new bands through the decades. Paul Revere's group, The Raiders, were one of the only bands to remain at the top of the charts when The Beatles led the British Invasion during the sixties.

I first had the experience of seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders in the sixties, and since then have seen the group twice more through the years....they NEVER fail to entertain a crowd...ever! Paul Revere, all your fans, (and there are many!) are going to miss the energy, fun, and "wow factor" you always gave at a concert. Paul Revere, passed away at age 76.
The caricatures/cartoons I drew of Paul Revere and the Raiders were drawn quite a few years ago after I had met the band, they're so photogenic I just had to cartoon them! The drummer, Tommy Scheckel had mentioned in an email that the band used the caricatues/cartoons above as advertising during a cruise in which they were headlining....that I was honoured to hear! I tried to emulate a bit of the sixties style cartoony feel to the caricatures. I was taking my Wife to Las Vegas for her birthday and Paul Revere and the Raiders were doing a concert there...perfect timing! I took the color picture of my cartoons, met them after the show and had them sign it...Paul Revere even drew a cartoon below his (not a bad one either...) Thanks for the great music Paul Revere!