Calgary Wedding Caricatures

Azidge Estate Hotel is a beautiful venue to hold a wedding, not only are the grounds, buildings, and view breathtaking, but the staff are just downright friendly! I drew wedding caricatures on the weekend for a delightful couple and want to thank the helpful staff who were so darn efficient...:) thank you!
I can't recall in my 13 years of drawing party caricatures of ever drawing at an event where the ENTIRE party were ALL very attractive. It was actually getting difficult to draw them as very good looking guests are quite difficult to draw. If you're wondering about the muscle body on the above pic....well...most of the male guests were firefighters and most had at one time or another been a model in the firefighter calendar.....Thanks again to Joyce from Urban Vogue who had booked me.
Kelly Gannon, Wedding Caricatures, Calgary Wedding Caricaturist