Caricaturist in The Yukon

Here's just a small sample of the many high school graduates I had the opportunity to draw caricatures for in The Yukon Territories....a delightful group of young adults to draw for...and thanks for waiting in that long line-up!
Magician Murray Hatfield and myself getting ready to entertain a graduating class in The Yukon Territories....I can see by the picture I was pretty tired from getting up early and catching a flight to The Yukon that was a long day before this gig....I'm NOT an early riser.......but the great kids and management ( thanks Shannon!) made the evening one that I'll remember...
The huge video screen with a camera trained on my drawings were projected beside the stage...what a great add-on for any event! But I did learn mylesson with projecting a guest while they're being drawn...make sure their back is to the screen. At one time I drew caricatures in Disneyland where the screen FACED the guests while they were drawn....tough...I had to keep asking the guest to look my way so I could draw them.....yes...behind the guest works just fine!
Kelly Gannon caricatures in Calgary