Paul Hoffert...Lighthouse Band

Saturday evening was a serendipity experience for me...and a good one! A few years back, I had the honour of drawing a cartoon-caricature for Paul Hoffert of the Canadian iconic band Lighthouse. ('ve lost weight since!) The first time I met him in a restaurant to take a few pictures to draw him, then on Saturday evening, almost in the exact place (same restaurant), there was Paul Hoffert was a delight to see his high-end band, Lighthouse. I remember as a kid in a band trying to play a Lighthouse cover tune, but the group giving up as it was and still is advanced music for an average group to play. To anyone over a certain age, some of their hits were Sunny Days, One Fine Morning, Pretty Lady, Can You Feel It and plenty more. They've graced the stage with the likes of The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Moody Blues, The Doors, and of course, too many more to mention. And yes...Paul is an absolute very cool, down to earth person when meeting him. Thanks Paul!
Paul Hoffert, Lighthouse, Kelly Gannon caricatures