Caricature Video

Another Stampede Week video taken while I caricatured kids at a golf course just outside of Calgary. Stampede is over now and all the paperwork that goes with it is on the table and worked on....takes a few days to get all the taxes and so forth worked out. Back to the gym now, a little weaker, but it won't take too long to get back to where I was initially. The band gave me some leeway while I drew for 11 days or so and will have to go over all the rehearsed songs I learned before Stampede....(they wern't easy ones...Come Together, by The Beatles was a bit of a tough one to get perfect). Two more events this week and it will be a nice change to go back to drawing on smaller paper. I had to increase the paper size as EVERYONE has a cowboy hat..........
Kelly Gannon, Calgary caricature artist, characters in Calgary