Calgary Caricaturist

I know I havn't kept up my blog in months, lately I've been busy by spreading myself a bit too thin! I'll be drawing caricatures at Calaway Park tomorrow for a banking institution. I've been preparing for Stampede Week, logo's, etc. as well, this year, drawing caricatures at weddings has been HUGE! I have a cartoon business I would LOVE to disclose here, but I have to keep it "mum" until the website is built.....this is something I've been waiting a long time to come up with, so there was constant communication with a Chinese factory and all that goes with starting a new business, but I'm excited about this! I also decided to take on re-doing three of my bathrooms in my more comment on that one! Lastly, my sixties tribute band is sounding just the way I want! It's so nice to have three other talented individules helping create a sound that I love and admire....such experience and talent from these guys! Lastly, I can be booked through Kel Studios Entertainment, ( the logo is on the right-hand side of page), a professional event planner, Cara Gannon (Daughter!) will handle the caricature event for me as she has done so well done in the past. get my paper all ready for tomorrow's caricature event at the amusement park, hoping the weather is sunny!