Looks awfully lonely up there....but super-drummer Tony Royster Jr. kept the audience of drummers under his spell. I don't listen to rap music, but had a chance to go to a drum clinic tonight to see the drummer touring with Jay-Z. I did the above cartoon-caricature for him...hope he liked it as I could only give it to his manager. Tony was promoting the Roland V-Drums ( I've owned those kits....they're unreal, but over-priced! ) Tony was an all around polite, nice, mega-talented instructor tonight....the negative about having a drummer like this talking with young drummers is that he doesn't teach the kids how to PLAY with a band as opposed to showing off every chop you ever learned all in one song, which is really a fairy-tale when you're in the real music world....never thes less, he's not Buddy Rich, but he was entertaining!