Caricatures in Calgary

The pre-Christmas party season is upon us in Calgary. Five events this weekend and six next week...busy, busy! Tonight's event was for grain farmers....lovely folks! I can't say enough about how warm and appreciative these people were to have their caricature drawn....thanks for making it a great gig for me! Funny thing is that where their chairs were situated on the stage at a Best Western Hotel was where I played my last two gigs in a tribute band playing drums. I say last two gigs because the oddest thing happened each time I played drums at this event...a booking agency out of Florida had contacted me, because I had drawn numerous times on their cruise ships, about drawing on a cruise to Australia.....I had to turn that one down as I was playing drums in the same venue I was drawing in tonight.

Then a month later the agency from Florida called again...would I like to draw on a cruise in the Bahamas? Again it was on that exact time I was booked to play again in this venue I was drawing at both cases the band leader took a dim view of a band member cancelling a gig, needless to say, shortly after that, I gave my notice to the band. So drawing tonight at this venue brought back a flood of memories of playing drums.....but in the end...I enjoyed drawing these people much more than the crowd I had to play to......
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